Tri-Power X31 HE

Tri-Power X31 HE offers high efficiency values up to 98% in economy mode saves money on electricity bills protecting at the same time our enviroment with less CO2 consumption. Light weight and small footprint allows easy, space saving and low cost installation. Tri-Power X31 HE UPS systems can be used either with single phase input or three phase input and are ideal for the protection of critical information and telecommunications networks which can not run the risk of being powered from a poor quality electrical supply.

Models: 10 to 20kVA

Single phase output

Efficiency ≥ 98% in economy mode

THDI < 3%

Small footprint

Multilingual graphic display

ModelVermogenAfmetingen (BxHxD)
X31 HE 1010.000 VA / 8.000 W440 x 1320 x 850 mm
X31 HE 1515.000 VA / 12.000 W440 x 1320 x 850 mm
X31 HE 2020.000 VA / 16.000 W440 x 1320 x 850 mm


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