Designed to perform a fully automated real-time battery load test with constant current flow. Client defined battery capacity, with discharge characteristics of individual battery cells, can be tested without disconnecting the battery string from the load.

CT CANTEST 48/100 provides the necessary testing and analytical tool for all battery applications in the field of telecommunications, GSM and radio-communications. Or any other battery applications having nominal battery voltages between 12VDC and 48VDC. A comprehensive test report provides detailed results of each individual battery.

Feature characteristics
CT CANTEST 48/100 is a unique battery testing instrument with a built-in current load, powered directly from a standard 230VAC source. Equipped with a set of test cables which may selectively be connected either to the end contacts of a battery string or, to individual battery cells. A fully automated battery test starts after programming all of the necessary data specifying, discharge current, minimum battery cell voltage, and time of the test. The test ends automatically after the specified minimum battery string or individual battery cell value has benn reached, or, the chosen test time is reached. A detailed report is then produced.

Attractive user-friendly design
Unique characteristics of the CT CANTEST 48/100 allow for a total performance analyses while keeping the operational functions simple. Its compact but robust design makes it suitable for indoor as well as field operations. Included in a basic unit are test cables used to connect to the end connectors of a battery string. A recommended optional test module further provides additional cables for up to 24 individual battery cells. The range of required test values is totally user selectable.
Constant discharge current built-in load
User-friendly with detailed analyses report
Modular attractive design
User programmable test settings
Fully automatic S/W controlled
Optimizes battery performance and health
Optimizes battery investment

Economically attractive
Competitively priced product used as a management tool to optimize the client’s battery investment. Real-time performed battery tests verify expected performance while setting a stage for any possible maintenance decisions now based on exact results rather then pure assumptions. Cost savings may be achieved by identifying and exchanging only defective battery, thus extending the lifespan and performance of the overall battery string.