LightStation® Models 4 and 10

LightStation® Models 4 and 10
Designed with a fire resistant case. When the front cover is pulled open, all SnapLight® lightsticks (25 cm) activate to provide instant illumination, flooding an area with portable light for evacuees.
All LightStation® models are filled with 4 hour-yellow 10” SnapLight lightsticks (25cm).

With an easy to locate photoluminescent label on the front cover, Cyalume® LightStations provides crews and passengers with comfort and assurance that safe dependable light will be available should any emergency occur or when the power goes out. Each model can be mounted to a wall near exits, fire extinguishers, or in any area that has little or no emergency lighting.
Ideally used in large common area: hotels, hospitals, airports, bus stations, trains, ferries, schools, manufacturing facilities, or auditoriums.

Available in Beige and with MOQ for other colors and with a safety lock (Model L).