Duraline is a leading international manufacturer and distributor of communication and energy infrastructure products and systems including conduit, cable-in-conduit, pipe, and accessories.   At Duraline, we provide the “mission critical” elements of networks and infrastructure.  We take that responsibility very seriously.  Our experienced sales team and technical support staff, our commitment to product quality and availability, and our ongoing product innovation coupled with our unmatched industry experience give us the ability to support your specific installation needs, wherever you need us.

A unified system of Duraline products provides for protection and fast, safe installation of communication networks, power cables, and pressure pipe for a wide variety of markets, including.

Telecommunications, including CATV networks

Energy, including oil and gas gathering as well as and electrical transmission and distribution conduit

Transportation networks including intelligent highways and street lighting

Municipal and Industrial pipe for potable, waste, and process water and gases

Enterprise and Data Networks for hospitals, universities, and industrial automation

Irrigation systems, with both electrical controls/power supply and golf course / turf irrigation

Geothermal energy