Simplex entry seals effectively seal around and support conduits and cables in through penetration openings or core drilled penetrations, such as building entrances or conduit openings. Simplex entry seals prevent leakage around conduits and cables entering structures of all kinds. Because of their split design, these plugs are retrofitable, removable, and reusable.

The service life of cable, splices, manhole hardware and electronics can be increased when contact with moisture is reduced. Underground structures can be accessed more quickly and easily when they are isolated and sealed from the inflow of water.
Simplex plugs feature standard sized fasteners made of stainless steel, easily installed with widely available tools, and are sized to fit the most commonly used core-drill bits, conduits, and conduit termination fittings.

For sealing around objects with diameters smaller than those specified, please refer to the bushing sleeve data sheet.