Both water-tight and gas-tight, TE Connectivity‘s (TE) square duct plugs prevent the flow of water and the costly sedimentation of duct banks and conduit systems while confining problems of dangerous vapors to their source. The service life of cable, splices, manhole hardware and electronics can be increased when contact with moisture is reduced. Square blank duct plugs effectively seal conduits to reduce the cost of cable placement and maintenance in underground construction projects and routine work.

These plugs are economical because they are removable and reusable. Manufactured from high impact plastic and combined with durable elastic gaskets, square blank plugs are corrosion proof and effective as long-term or temporary seals. Square simplex, duplex, and triplex duct plugs are split plugs for sealing around, organizing, and supporting subducts, pipes, or cables. These plugs are designed for use in square conduit, conduit fittings, and square wall openings