8” Ultra High-Intensity Flare Alternative® (20cm)
The 8″ Flare Alternative with reflective strip enhances visibility up to one mile during emergencies. The attached wire stand allows easy setup and activation. With a new-patented formulation the 8” Flare Alternative provides superior performance in cold and warm climates and is used in wet or dry weather.

Developed as a safe, environmentally friendly alternative to traditional incendiary flares currently used by law enforcement, safety workers, and consumers, the 8” Ultra High-Intensity lightstick is the new dependable instant light solution. Designed to be practical with an easy to use, maintain, and operate approach, the new 8” Flare Alternative lightstick has proved useful for safety workers as the Next Generation Flare®. Ideally used at accident scenes, vehicle breakdowns, as hazard markers, and to alert drivers of obstacles in the road.

Colors & Duration
Available in 30min Orange Ultra-HI.

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