Alpha and Outback Energy

1 Fase Modulair

Flexa 25


Based on our most reliable converters, this rack solution can be used tosecure your AC loads with the most compact and reliable solutionon the market.

This solution is compatible with 230 Vac loads and 48 Vdc batteries(Lead-acid or NiCd). The modularity allows to increase the power outputstep-by-step from 3 to 12 kVA. Fully equipped, this rack system can reach the powerdensity of 12 kVA in only 2U high offering the highest one in the market.

The reliability of such a system, based on CE+T Power modular invertersleading technology, is incomparable with small power UPS.

Rack integration:

The complete solution offers, in only 5U high, theconverters, the AC distribution, the manual by-pass and the monitoring solution(Inview S). Simply connect your batteries and your loads and the all-in-onesolution is ready to secure your most critical assets! You then have the choiceto size the batteries according to the backup time you require.

The system is designed for harsh environment operating from -20°C to+60°C (with a derating starting from 40°C to 60°C). The high conversionefficiency of the module greatly reduces the heat to be dissipated, with asignificant impact on cooling costs.

Last but not least, the solution has been developed to offer the bestcost/watt ratio.

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