Alpha and Outback Energy

3 Fase Modulair

Tri-power X33 HIMOD-HP

Tri-Power X33 HIMOD HP UPS systemsoperate according to the online double conversion technology (VFI) supportingthe load constantly and uninteruptible with pure sine wave voltage. Through themodular power design with 6.7 kVA modules a N+X redundancy can be achieved atany time. The low weight of the power modules with 11 kg and the modularbattery drawers with 16 kg allows an easy and cost efficient installation.Malfunctioning modules can be easily swapped and save money on expensiveservice actions. Backup times up to one hour with modular batteries arepossible. Of course for longer backup times bigger standard battery banks areavailable. Tri-Power X33 HIMOD HP UPS systems can be used in any criticalapplication in the IT or industrial area and convince with easy handling andoperation.

Modularand scalable from 20 to 120 kVA

NEW: highoutput power factor 0.9

Costefficient N+X redundancy

Customizedconfiguration with 6.7 kVA power modules

THDI <3%

Modular batterysystem

Easyfuture power expansion


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