Alpha and Outback Energy

3 Fase Modulair

Tri-power X33 MOD-HP2

Alpha’s (r)evolutionary Tri-power X33 MOD-HP2 Systems: High Performance, Modularity & Scalability at its best

Tri-power X33 MOD-HP2 systems are the only UPSs which are combining all relevant aspects to achieve an efficient ,economical and long life UPS system with all advantages of a modular, scalable and redundant UPS architecture. the modular and scalable Tri-power X33 MOD-HP2 systems from Alpha Technologies optimize the budgeting and operating costs. The true modularity of the MOD HP allows an individual and progressive adaption to the current IT environment while considering future load changes within the consumption area.

Modular and scalable from 10 to 60kVA

High Output Power Factor 0.9

Easy to install – easy to handle – easy to maintain easy to expand

Customize dc onfiguration with 3.4, 5.0 and 6.7 kVA Power Modules

High Performance on a small foot print
i.e. 15 kVA system with N+1 Redundancy – totally modular – with 5 minutes backup time in one single cabinet

Costeffective N+x redundancy; even phase by phase

Modular Battery System

Advanced Battery Management

Double Input (Model HP40, 45 and 45k


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