Tri-Power X31 SE

Our Tri Power X31/X33SE uses online double conversion (VFI) technology where the load is always poweredby the inverter ensuring a filtered and stabilized sinusoidal voltagemanufactured with the state of the art IGBT rectifier technology. Offering highefficiency values up to 99 % in economy mode saves money on electricity billsat the same time protecting our environment with less CO2 emissions. Lightweight and small footprint allows easy, space saving and low cost installation.Tri X31 / X33 SE UPS systems are available with single phase output (X31) orthree phase output (X33) and are ideal for the protection of critical informationand telecommunications networks which cannot run the risk of being powered froma poor quality electrical supply.


·      3-phase or 1-phase output

·      Output power factor 1

·      User-friendly, multilingualdisplay

·      ECO-Mode provides efficiency upto ≥ 99%

·      Low Total Harmonic Distortion,THDi < 3%

·      Ideal for protection of criticaland telecommunications networks

·      2 enclosure options for 80 (ACT)and for 120 (EXT)

·       internal12V/9Ah batteries

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