6″ SnapLight® LightSticks (15 cm)
With a simple bend, snap, and shake, SnapLight® (15 cm) industrial grade, phthalate-free chemical lightsticks provide instant light for all emergency situations. Each SnapLight® creates 360º of illumination, and is visible up to 1 mile. They are non-toxic, non-inflammable, waterproof, and generate no heat or sparks.
Customized to your needs, 6” SnapLights can be color coded to your own safety rules and procedures.

Perfect for survival, first aid, and evacuation kits they can also be used as personal safety equipment , to signal dangers and as contingency lighting.

Available Accessories
All the Cyalume® lightsticks can fixed on a Directional / Traffic handle for a highly visible light.
All the Cyalume® lightsticks can be inserted in a Magnetic Base – Safety Grade or Military Grade to allow the lightstick to be attached to any steel-surface for maximum visibility.
All the Cyalume® lightsticks can be used with Cone Adaptors for improved visibility.

Colors & Duration